who we are

We unlock creativity and innovation with design-driven Digital Experiences


What we strive for

The fundamental interface between a human and a computer is the User Interface.
Organizations spend a lot on backend systems, operations and people. But, if the final user interface does not have a good User Experience, all that is wasted.
By focusing on Design to Digital Experience, we have made User Experience the focal point.
Our vision is to enable all aspects of the User Experience driven by Design.

Our Team

Senthil Prabakaran CEO
Senthil Prabakaran
Technical co-founder & CEO
From a computer whiz kid since the late 80s to strategic consulting to enterprises, Senthil has done it all, with the focus being technology for utility.
When the internet first came to India in the late 90s, he created a personal website on Geocities using Notepad, writing plain HTML. Now, with Consumer Mesh, he writes software that generates the entire web application stack. A big fan of functional programming (Erlang), he uses these concepts to create robust solution for Design to Digital Experience.
Dena Borsand CPO
Dena Borsand
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
Dena excels in empathy, adaptability, and innovation. With diverse experience in Digital, IT, operations, and customer service, she drives strategic initiatives, improving UX and streamlining processes. Dena holds a BS in Unified Science and enjoys culinary arts, swimming, and photography.